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We meet at  7189 Baptist Road, Bethel Park, PA 15102.


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A Reformed Baptist Church

At Redeeming Grace Church, we draw great inspiration from the Reformed theological tradition and see ourselves in line with most elements of that tradition, with the main exception of holding to believer’s baptism (as a Baptist church).


The main reason our church loves the Reformed theological tradition is because it presents a big view of God. That is, Reformed theology emphasizes his glory, supremacy, and sovereignty so that we are left to marvel at how wonderful and beautiful he is. It places the spotlight not on us and our merit but rather on God and his grace.

Morever, the Reformers emphasized five key principles that we believe are crucial for churches to maintain. These are:

Sola Scriptura ("Scripture alone"). This means that the Bible alone is the ultimate authority. Although it can be beneficial to study things churches have historically taught, the Bible rises above even the greatest of human teachers and tells us what to believe and how to live.

Sola Fide ("faith alone"). This means that we are saved simply by faith in Christ. While ordinances like the baptism and the Lord's Supper are important, they do not confer salvation. 

Sola Gratia ("grace alone"). This means that we are saved purely through God's grace and not by our merits or achievements. God gets 100% of the credit!

Solus Christus ("Christ alone"). This means that Jesus alone is our Lord and Savior. In the end, we all answer to him and we all are saved by him. 

Soli Deo Gloria ("to the glory of God alone"). We live for God's glory, not our own. In every decision and every course of action, God's glory is our ultimate and primary concern. Whatever else we do, we want to make much of him!