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Heather: Overcoming Anger and Bitterness

Heather: Overcoming Anger and Bitterness


“Before I became a Christian, I used to be a lot different. One thing that comes to mind is that I was a very resentful person. If somebody wronged me or one of my friends, I couldn’t bring myself to just overlook their offense. Instead, I would hold a grudge against that person and refuse to forgive them from that point onward.

Of course, this wasn’t an enjoyable way to live at all. Harboring such resentment didn’t feel good, and I didn’t want to be that way. And yet, that’s the way I was just about all the time—constantly filled with anger and bitterness.

But then I met some Christians at Redeeming Grace Church, and they told me about Jesus. I didn’t grow up learning about Jesus or the Bible, so I didn’t know much at all. However, these Christians shared with me a message that changed my life.

They explained to me that even though I had sinned against God in some pretty significant ways, God was eager to forgive me. In fact, Jesus had died on the cross and risen from the dead in order to make that forgiveness possible.

I soon realized that Jesus was the only hope I had of experiencing real, lasting change. So I turned from my sinful attitudes and put my faith in Jesus to rescue me.

Ever since then, I’ve truly been a new person. Receiving God’s forgiveness has enabled me to forgive others. After all, if God would forgive all my wrong doing against him, how can I not forgive others when they do wrong against me?

Even though I still feel angry sometimes, it’s not at all like it used to be. I no longer hold grudges and instead am able to forgive those who wrong me. I even find myself praying for them and demonstrating love toward them. I now realize just how toxic my old life was both for me and for people around me. Thankfully, God has rescued me from all of that and given me something I’ve never had before: a freedom to forgive.”

Just like Jesus changed Heather, he can change you too!

Learn more about authentic life change (and experience it for yourself) by visiting our church this Sunday. We meet every Sunday at 10:30am. Our address is 7189 Baptist Road in Bethel Park, PA. We'd love to have you to join us!

Here's what you can expect when you attend:

To review, here are some highlights of what you can expect:

1) A powerful message from the Bible that speaks to you wherever you are (by the way, you can check out previous messages here)

2) Incredibly friendly, loving people who really care about you, even if they’ve never met you before

3) Your kids to be taken care of and learn about Jesus in a safe, clean, and fun environment

4) Everything to be designed with newcomers in mind, so that every part of the worship service makes sense to you even if you’ve never been to church before

Again, we meet at 10:30am at 7189 Baptist Road. 


Plan your visit today!

The best way to prepare for attending is by filling out this short form to plan your visit. While this is not a required step, it’s a good idea because it allows you to pre-register children without feeling stressed or pressed for time and also allows us to have a gift bag prepared just for you.