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Lori: Finding Meaning in Life

Lori: Finding Meaning in Life


There was a time when I felt like I had no purpose in life and no basis for what I did or believed. The world seemed so empty, like everyone was just following whatever fad that came along.

I longed for something deeper. After all, how could I raise my kids to thrive in this world when I myself had no clue why I even existed? How could I keep them from doing the same things I did and making the same mistakes I made when I had no moral compass directing me even as an adult?

So I began investigating different religions and read everything I could find. Around that time, my grandmother gave me a Bible that was written in a way that was very easy to understand.

As I read it, I realized just how unique the Bible is. It’s a wonderful love story about a God who loves his creation unconditionally and demonstrated that love by sending his own Son to rescue us. Unlike other religions—which make you jump through hoops and rise to a certain level of moral achievement to be good enough for heaven—the Bible teaches that heaven is a gift of God’s grace.

According to the Bible, the only thing I had to do to obtain heaven was turn away from my sins and trust that Jesus already paid the price for them so I wouldn’t have to, taking the penalty I deserved.

So that’s exactly what I did.

I told God I believed and wanted to live my life for him, adopting the Bible as my moral compass. Finally, I had something to live for—a basis for my existence and direction for my life! Every morning when I woke up, I could now live for something that was so much bigger than just me.

This gave me an incredible sense of inward peace. I now had confidence that I was on course in my life and living for something that was both real and truly meaningful.

I also felt much more equipped to raise my children well. I was now able to tell my kids that they really do have purpose and explain to them where that purpose comes from. From that point on, I was never the same again.

Just like Jesus changed Lori, he can change you too!

Learn more about authentic life change (and experience it for yourself) by visiting our church this Sunday. We meet every Sunday at 10:30am. Our address is 7189 Baptist Road in Bethel Park, PA. We'd love to have you to join us!

Here's what you can expect when you attend:

To review, here are some highlights of what you can expect:

1) A powerful message from the Bible that speaks to you wherever you are (by the way, you can check out previous messages here)

2) Incredibly friendly, loving people who really care about you, even if they’ve never met you before

3) Your kids to be taken care of and learn about Jesus in a safe, clean, and fun environment

4) Everything to be designed with newcomers in mind, so that every part of the worship service makes sense to you even if you’ve never been to church before

Again, we meet at 10:30am at 7189 Baptist Road.


Plan your visit today!

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