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A Baptist Church in Pittsburgh

A Baptist Church in Pittsburgh

Redeeming Grace Church is a Baptist church in Pittsburgh that loves Jesus, preaches the gospel, and believes the Bible. Regardless of whether you're just starting to think about Christianity or have been a Christian for many years, we believe you'll find us to be incredibly warm and welcoming from your very first visit!


Although we affliate as Baptists, the most important thing about us is not our denominational affiliation but rather our central passion: the gospel message of Jesus. More specifically, we want to embrace the gospel, live the gospel, and proclaim the gospel. 

Embrace the Gospel

We embrace the gospel as we embrace Jesus himself. We recognize that we are helpless and hopeless apart from him. There's no way we can ever fix ourselves. But thankfully, Jesus is able to save us from our sin and brokenness because of his sacrificial death and victorious resurrection. Therefore, we turn away from our sins in repentance and turn toward Christ in faith. 

Live the Gospel

We believe that embracing this glorious gospel message should (and will) change our lives and transform us into new people. It makes us different from the inside out. Moreoever, as Christians, we want to make every effort to live as the new people God has created us to be. We want to live every aspect of our lives in light of Jesus and what he's done for us. This includes our relationships, finances, ambitions, careers, and everything else. 

Proclaim the Gospel

This gospel message of rescue and salvation is so wonderful, we want to share it with the world! If you're a sports fan, take a moment and think about your favorite sports team. Do you have trouble finding opportunities to talk about that team? Probably not...because if you're excited about something, you naturally desire to share that excitement with others. In the same way, we believe that if the gospel truly grips our hearts, it will naturally come out in our conversations.

We'd Love to Have You Join Us

The best way to learn more about our church is simply to stop by in person. We have a worship gathering every Sunday. 

Here's what you can expect when you attend:


We meet every Sunday at 10:30am. Our address is 7189 Baptist Road in Bethel Park, PA. 

Plan your visit today!

The best way to prepare for attending is by filling out this short form to plan your visit. While this is not a required step, it allows you to pre-register children without feeling stressed or pressed for time and also allows us to have a gift bag prepared just for you.

Additional Details about Our Church's Baptist Affiliation

As mentioned above, we are most passionate about Jesus rather than a particular denominational affiilation. However, we still believe affiliation has it's place. Here's why: 

Identifying ourselves as a Baptist church lets people know that we fall in line with historic Baptist doctrine. For hundreds of years, Baptists have been known for their high view of the Bible and for some important doctrinal distinctives regarding the gospel, believer's baptism, and church organization. We share these beliefs, as can be seen in our doctrinal statement, the Baptist Faith and Message 2000

Identifying as Baptists also communicates that our church values things that Baptists have historically valued. This includes missions and evangelism. As stated above, we want to see the gospel spread all around us. This includes not only Pittsburgh but all nations around the world (that's why we contribute a minimum of 10% of our budget to Baptist missions organizations).