Baptism is best thought of as an outward sign of an inward reality. When somebody becomes a Christian, a change takes place within them that's so radical, the Bible calls them a "new creation" (2 Corinthians 5:17). Baptism is a way of announcing to the world what Jesus has done for you.

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At Redeeming Grace, we believe the biblical mode of baptism is being briefly immersed under water. When the person receiving baptism goes down into the water, it represents how they have been united with Christ in his death, dying to their old way of life. Then, when they come up out of the water, it symbolizes union with Christ in his resurrection so that they are now a new person. That definitely deserves to be celebrated!

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Please note:

Our normal practice is to link baptism with church membership. For more information on our reasoning behind this, please see our post "Why We Prefer to Link Baptism and Church Membership."

In addition, with regard to the appropriate age at which to baptize a child, we do not require that a child be of a certain age. However, we do believe there is great wisdom in waiting until a child is able to make a mature profession of faith (see a helpful article by Tim Challies here, another article by Trevin Wax here, and a final article by Josh Buice here).