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A Church with Expository Preaching

At Redeeming Grace Church of Pittsburgh, we believe that expository preaching is the form of preaching that is most conducive to faithfully communicating the Bible's message in a way that connects with people's day-to-day lives.


Expository preaching refers to preaching that seeks to adequately and effectively communicate the message of a specific passage of the Bible. It recognizes that what God has said in the Bible is much more important than any alternate messages that we may think are important to communicate.

Unfortunately, many preachers simply use the Bible as a kind of launching pad to talk about a certain subject they wish to talk about. Instead of helping people understand what the biblical author is trying to communicate in a given passage of Scripture, they simply quote a Bible verse before moving on to their desired subject.

In addition, many sermons contain elements that undermine the Bible. These include an overabundance of comical or entertaining anecdotes, recourse to unbiblical teachings common in secular psychology, or an unbalanced emphasis on “felt needs.”

We have chosen to be a church in Pittsburgh that emphasizes expository preaching because we believe that God’s Word is “living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword” (Hebrews 4:12).

Our goal is to faithfully transmit the timeless and powerful message of the Bible in a way that connects with people today. The truths that are actually written in the Bible are much more important for people to hear than any material we could possibly create on our own.

And although an occasional topical or thematic sermon may be helpful in conveying biblical teaching, we believe that the most effective way to preach the Bible on a regular basis is to concentrate on one passage of the Bible in each sermon (often as we methodically move through an entire book of the Bible). This gives us time to really examine the passage’s context, structure, main point, and other important details that contribute to an accurate understanding of that passage.

Preaching that strives to faithfully relay the original author’s intended message is the centerpiece of a healthy church’s ministry. Therefore, expository preaching is one of the most needful things not only for churches in Pittsburgh but for churches everywhere.