Due to extensive renovations on our building this summer, children who have reached their third birthday will need to attend the Worship Gathering with their parents. A limited number of "quiet toys" are available at the Welcome Table. 

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Student Ministry

Student Ministry

There are few, if any, times of life when people are more impressionable than when they are in middle school and high school. This is why we believe it's critical that we take intentional steps to invest in these ages, pointing them toward Jesus and helping them understand the basics of a biblical worldview.


With this in mind, we gather the young people of our church together for monthly activities and Bible teaching. We also place a lot of emphasis on discipling relationships in which spiritually mature adults (of the same gender) teach and train students individually. 

This means that our Student Ministry is not centered on music, drama, comedy, or other forms of entertainment but on (1) teaching the Bible and (2) spiritually mature adults developing meaningful relationships with students for the purpose of investing in them spiritually. 

In addition, one distinctive feature of our Student Ministry is that it is driven by parents. Although we have a designated Student Activities Director, the parents are not only present in most student activities but are actively engaged in planning future activities. Several of them also teach the group on a regular basis. 

For more information about upcoming Student Ministry events, please send us an email at info@redeeminggracepittsburgh.com