Church membership is a formal commitment you make to the other members of Redeeming Grace Church. This communicates your desire to partner with Redeeming Grace in the mission and vision of the church. Here's how you can become a member. 



1. Attend a Membership Information Class

This class will tell you everything you need to know about membership in the church and does not obligate you to anything. It consists of four 90-minute class sessions over the course of four weeks. You can register for the class here

2. Complete the Church Membership Application

You can find the application here

3. Interview with a church elder.

After you fill out the application, a church elder will contact you in order to set up an in-person interview. This interview will consist of a simple conversation in which the elder ensures that you undertand the basics of the gospel and seem to have a credible conversion testimony.

4. Sign the Church Membership Covenant.

Upon completion of the interview, you will be given a copy of our membership covenant and an opportunity to sign it. You can view the covenant here.

5. Make your commitment public by being presented to and affirmed by the church. 

This is the final step for being a church member in which the whole congregation affirms you as a member. 

Please know that we will be praying for you by name daily throughout your journey into membership and are eager to assist you throughout this process in any way possible.