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Why We Have Community Groups

Community Groups are the place where we try to cultivate authentic Christian community with one another. That involves pursuing close relationships, meaningful conversations, and deep-rooted commitment....

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More of Heaven Here on Earth

A Christian’s heart is in heaven. That’s what they’re living for, that’s what they’re yearning for, and that’s where they so desire to be that they would literally be counting down the days if they knew how many days it would be....

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Faith that Can't Be Shaken

When you’ve been granted spiritual sight in a way that transcends the intellect, no one can convince you otherwise....

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A New and Vastly Superior Freedom

If we want to be free, we have to embrace the right limitations. ...

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Are You Thirsty for More Than This World Has to Offer?

If you're thirsty for more than this world has to offer, you're not alone. Thankfully, in John 7:37, Jesus gives an invitation to people just like you....

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The Hidden Satisfaction of a God-Centered Life

The more you become captivated by God’s beauty, supremacy, and love, the more joy you’ll experience as you live for his glory....

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What Happens When You Change the Gospel?

Whenever you alter the gospel in any way, you end up losing the gospel. You can’t change it without losing it. ...

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Feeding the Five Thousand

Even though ministry will be filled with situations far beyond your ability to handle, look to Jesus to come through in a big way....

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God Understands What You're Going Through

Far from being detached from our pain and suffering, Jesus understands from experience exactly what you’re going through and exactly how you feel. He’s suffered the way you’re suffering. ...

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Heaven Is Better Than You Think

When the Bible about the new creation in Revelation 21:1-8, it’s a lot different than the way we typically think about heaven....

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